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I am an Assistant Professor of Operations at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My research mainly focuses on data-driven approaches to decision-making under uncertainty with applications to retail operations. I am particularly interested in developing machine (reinforcement) learning algorithms for settings where estimation and optimization are integrated to make dynamic operational decisions such as optimizing (personalized) assortment and pricing decisions with (demand) learning. I am also interested in studying consumer choice models in retail.

You can find my CV here.



1. “A Dynamic Clustering Approach to Data-Driven Assortment Personalization“, with F. Bernstein and D. Saure (2019). Management Science, 65(5), pp. 2095-2115.

    • First Prize, 2018 MSOM Student Paper Competition. 

2. “Learning in Combinatorial Optimization: What and How to Explore“, with D. Saure and J. P. Vielma (2020). Operations Research, 68(5), pp. 1585–1604

    • Second Prize, 2013 INFORMS JFIG Paper Competition.

3. “Impact of Inventory Levels and Product Variety on Consumers’ Perceptions of Brands“, with S. Golara, and K. Rajavi. Production and Operations Management. Forthcoming.


Working Papers

4. “Diamonds in the Rough: Leveraging Click Data to Spotlight Underrated Products“, with S.M. Emadi and V. Deshpande. Under review.

    • Finalist, 2021 MSOM Data-Driven Challenge.

5. “Exploration Optimization for Dynamic Assortment Personalization under Linear Preferences“, with D. Saure and F. Bernstein. Under review.

6. “Price Optimization under the Mixture of Boundary Logit Model“, with M.A. Farzaneh and A. Venkataraman. Under review.


Work in Progress

7. “Bundle Price Optimization with Learning”, with T. Abdallah.

8. “Information Traps for Consumer Learning in Assortment Planning”, with D. Saure.

9. “Deep Reinforcement Learning in Service Systems”, with S.M. Emadi.